• 12 passengers maximum, regardless of age

    Our New Aquila 36' Power Luxury Catamaran is Here!

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    From the start, we have tried to offer only the best when it comes to our guests. Finding a charter company can sometimes be a challenge as most do not have published rates, or calendars, and many times the service is not up to a standard you would expect. We also felt many of the charter boats lacked in offering a boat that truly was geared towards a spectacular day trip charter. We have been on a lot of boats and we spent a long time researching the perfect day boat. And we have found it!

    The Aquila 36 Power Luxury Catamaran truly is the perfect day trip boat. It is fast, stable, has a huge open concept, and lots of seating inside and out. The inside is luxurious and spacious! A lot of boats do not offer adequate shade or cover for those unexpected rain showers. Everyone comes to St. John for the beauty and the sun. However, even too much sun can be too much. Most boats do not give you the ability to really get out from the strong sun that is even more intense on the water with the reflection from the sea. When you’re on the Aquila, you’ll find both open spaces and comfortable covered areas to relax.



    As you may know, catamarans are much more stable and provide smoother rides in the water then single hull boats. However, we may just be the only Aquila in the islands that have opted for the following two upgrades on an Aquila 36: the new Hydro-Glide Foil System and the cutting-edge Sharrow Propellers.

    Hydro-Foil Technology

    - Helps to lift the boat out of the water
    - Provides a much more smooth and stable ride
    - Better handling, better fuel efficiency

    Sharrow Propellers

    - Most significant change in 100 years in the prop industry
    - Noticably quieter ride as they provide faster speeds at lower RPMs
    - Even more stable with less cavitation

    This boat was designed from the ground up to be the perfect day boat.
    We think, once you see the pictures, walkthough and video, you will agree it looks great!

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